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Tongue & Groove Plane by Lie-Nielsen

After deciding to build the Dutch tool chest and the thought of making it with only traditional hand tools led me to buying this plane.  Old school design with new school quality. Lie-Nielsen has done a wonderful job of recreating this tongue and groove plane. They’ve put their quality touch on it and the 1 piece blade design is something…

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6 pack holder

Wooden 6 Pack Holder

Cool Wooden 6 Pack Holder   This is it.  Soon as I saw this I knew I had to make one similar to it.  Have have not made mine yet.  This picture came from Pinterest and I believe they are on Etsy for sale. Just search wood 6 pack holder and I’m sure you will see many various styles, however I…

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Super Segmented Butcher Block!

My wife and I have some friends who just bough their first home and we’re so happy for them.  They’re having a house warming party next week and we wanted to give them cutting board to go along with another gift.  Nicole (my wife) really liked the first segmented butcher block I made (you can see that here) and wanted me to…

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My First Segmented Cutting Board

For the past few years I’ve been wanting to build a segmented cutting board.  Well, now I can say that I have.  It was a simple and a basic design with 72 pieces.  Most, if not all of the thought goes into they layout before you actually cut anything.  I started by following a design that I found online but…

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