Homemade Pizza’s & Dough

After cooking pizza’s on my friends outdoor brick oven I have been hooked on homemade pizza.  At his place we use Trader Joe’s dough (most of the time), tastes good.  I have always been the type of person that digs in a little deeper and if I am making something I want to make all of it…  So, in this case I made 3 different types of dough. Plain white flour dough, a wheat and white flour mix and lastly I made a “Wheat Beer” dough.  The Wheat Beer dough turned out the best of the 3.  Not only because it was made with beer but for other reasons… It’ rolled out the best, cooked the best, and had a great taste.  8 people tasted, voted and the results came in, Wheat Beer Pizza Dough is the winner.


Mixer Dough  IMG_0755

Shock Top ~ End of the World Midnight Wheat

Shock Top ~ End of the World Midnight Wheat

 Pizza Construction

When it comes to making a pie I really don’t think there is a wrong way.  Each is different and every person has an idea about what makes a pie good to them.  So I say freedom in pie design!  I also say that bigger / more is not always better when it comes to pizza.  Simply and sparing use of toppings increases the flavor.  Too many toppings can overload your taste buds and you don’t get to enjoy all the wonderful flavors.  I try to use fresh ingredients as much as possible.  In the summertime I have a small garden and this year I am going to load it up with herbs and peppers (watch for a garden post this spring).

Fresh Ingredients

Fresh Mozzarella &  Rosemary

Bake Me Now

Bake Me Now


Here are some fine looking pies!  These were cooked in a electric oven on a large rectangle, 3/4′ thick pizza stone.  Pre-heat the oven at stone for 30 minutes at 450 degrees.  Slide the pie on to the stone and watch the magic begin!  Fully cooked in about 3 to 4 minutes.  So while one is in the oven you should be building the next pie.  It keeps things moving right along.  We made 8 pies on this night but only took pictures of a few.  BTW, as I’m writing this I so smell pizza!!!



So Tasty

Well, that’s it for this post.  I hope the pictures got your taste buds all rev’d up and made you want to try this yourself.  It’s easy and fun.  Great for a party, you get the guests into kitchen and they enjoy it as much as you.  Kids also love this.  I will post actual dough recipes soon.  I want to try a few more variations before it’s posted.


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