Baltimore World Of Beer

Yesterday, I was showing a property on the west side of Baltimore.  After the appointment I mapped out the distance to the Baltimore World of Beer.  No far at all, about 5 minutes and that my friends was perfect, and by perfect I mean perfectly no reason not to stop.  You know that feeling when you were a little kid and you went to the toy store and were just amazed with all the different kinds of toys and how they were all in the same place!  Well that is how I felt about walking into World of Beer.  All these different beers and all in one place.

I was like… ok this is going to take a while.

This special occasion was too much to handle by myself. It required a friend, so I shot the address by text message over to Shannon who was finished up a job.  He was 19 minutes away and that was close enough to convince him.  Shannon was my World of Beer partner for the afternoon. Thanks for hangin’ out Shannon.

Baltimore World of Beer

Our friendly bartender, Derrick was ready and able to assist me however he could.  I had a few questions and before I know it I had a huge glass of Wittekerke White Belgian Wheat beer sitting in front of me.  And it looked just like this!

Wittekerke White Belgian Wheat Baltimore World of Beer

Wittekerke White Belgian Wheat


It was good however, next I had a Julius Echter Hefe-Weissbier Hell that was super good! I enjoyed it even more that the other. I snapped a picture of that one too.

Julius Echter Hefe-Weissbier Hell Baltimore World of Beer

Julius Echter Hefe-Weissbier Hell

The Julius Echter has excellent notes of banana, clove and coriander.  All of which I love in beer, don’t let the banana scare you off from tying it, it was very subtle.

Tap Takeover

It was about to happen… they began by changing 6 of the tap handles to Dogfish Head neon yellow handles.  The kegs in the back had already been switched.  There was an event that evening with 6 different DFH beers on draft.  Here’s the flyer that was hanging up in the bathroom… (beer makes me pee_.)

World Of Beer Tap Takeover - Dogfish Head Baltimore World of Beer

World Of Beer Tap Takeover – Dogfish Head

The event wasn’t supposed to start until 7pm, however Derrick had no problem hooking us up with a couple of Aprihop’s before the event started. Mmmm mmm, different and delicious. I think I’ll have another, and we did.

Dogfish Head Aprihop Baltimore World of Beer

Dogfish Head Aprihop

That ended our first Baltimore World of Beer experience.  I enjoyed it and will be back soon.  I’m usually not one for franchise or chain places as I try to support locally owned establishments as much as possible.  However, I think this is an exception and choose stand by my decision. See you soon at the Baltimore World of Beer!

Location, Location, Location

World of Beer – Baltimore
1724 Whetstone Way
Baltimore, MD 21230
Telephone 410-752-2337
Baltimore Website

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