EAN – Nitrox Certification

PADI Enriched Air CoursePADI Enriched Air - Nitrox

This course consisted of a DVD Video and 2 workbooks.  The video was to be watched at home and the two workbooks had reading then tests / quizzes throughout, also to be done on my own.  Our classroom time was approximately 4 hours and we did that on a Thursday evening.  The last thing to do was take the 25 question final.

As our classroom lesson began we completely went over all that we learned in our personal studying from the DVD and workbooks.  The class was able to ask any and all of our questions as we moved along thru the books.  I had a few questions and they were all answered throughout the night.

What Is Nitrox?

Enriched Air Diver ~ PADINitrox is a special breathing gas mixture that’s available as an alternative to air. Nitrox is simply normal air that is blended with additional oxygen. This creates a breathing gas that contains less nitrogen and more oxygen than normal air.Recreational Nitrox can be blended to contain as much as 40% oxygen. The most popular mixtures are EAN 32 and EAN 36. “EAN” stands for “Enriched Air Nitrox,” and the number that follows indicates the mixture’s oxygen percentage. (quoted from Scuba-Tutor)

Nitrox / Enriched Air Decals

All tanks used with any enriched air / nitrox must bare a warning label.  The standard is a 6′ tall, with green and yellow colors with the words “Enriched Air – Nitrox”.  As things progress and people like to be different, many variations of this decal have been made.  Here are a few of the different ones that I have seen.
Voodoo Gas Cylinder Nitrox Sticker
You Would Dive Nitrox If You Understood
Nitrox Scuba Divers International
Filled With Enriched Air Nitrox
Geezer Gas Nitrox


Ok, so what’s my reason for nitrox certification?  simply put – more bottom time!
Read more about EAN Nitrox at Nitrox – Wiki 

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