PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

I’m moving right along with my diving certifications.  The most recent is PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.  I completed the open water testing at Guppy Gulch located in Delta, PA.  I was happy to find out that Guppy Gulch is only 25 minutes from my house.

Advanced Open Water Diver

The class consisted of classroom lessons, personal study and actual water testing and drills.  Everything went well and I was very happy with my instructor George Lyndall.  One of my favorite things we did was practice using a lift bag and shooting a surface marker.  The underwater compass navigation was also a great learning exercise.

We practiced several search missions by someone placing a jug filled with rocks somewhere within a specific area and then 3 of us would be side by side traveling from east to west… back and forth with 5′ distance between us (we would cover 15′ sections at a time) looking for the jug.  This exercise is very useful and we could cover a lot of ground quickly.  Once the jug was found we would then use the lift bag and raise it to the surface.

 Scuba Video

Here’s a little video I made of our last dive of the class.

Guppy Gulch Information

Guppy Valley Lane
Delta, PA
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Guppy Gulch, Delta PA - Scuba

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