Super Segmented Butcher Block!

My wife and I have some friends who just bough their first home and we’re so happy for them.  They’re having a house warming party next week and we wanted to give them cutting board to go along with another gift.  Nicole (my wife) really liked the first segmented butcher block I made (you can see that here) and wanted me to make another one kinda like that.

Here’s How It’s Made

It starts with 12 strips of wood of different widths.  The overall board dimensions are 17″ long, 12″ wide and at least 1.5″ high (as you can see there are height variations and we will address that in a later step).

Picking Out Wood



Trimmed & Ready To Glue



All Clamped Up

72 hours in the clamps.


Off To The Planer

After removal from the clamps its time to prep the block and get all the surfaces perfectly flat with the Ryobi 13″ planer.  I have been using this planer for about 6 years and it still works like it did the day I bought it.  I’m usually not a fan of Ryobi products at all, but this planer was recommended to me so I took a chance and so far I’m happy with it.



 Cross Cutting

After planing the surfaces super smooth I cross cut the the board into 1 & 1/2″ strips.  This is so we can expose the end grain.



Flip The Strips

The strips are now flipped let and right to create the design.




Back Into The Clamps

Another 72 hours


Then lot’s of sanding, and routing the edges.

 The Segmented Butcher Block All Done





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