Wooden 6 Pack Holder

6 pack holder

Cool Wooden 6 Pack Holder

6 pack holder


This is it.  Soon as I saw this I knew I had to make one similar to it.  Have have not made mine yet.  This picture came from Pinterest and I believe they are on Etsy for sale. Just search wood 6 pack holder and I’m sure you will see many various styles, however I am drawn to this one.  Maybe is the nicely stained wood, or maybe the rope / twine handle. Doesn’t matter, either way I really like it and plan on making a few of these.

Once I get mine done I’ll post the photos and also a diagram.  This way you can have some basic measurements to use as a starting point to make your own.  I really don’t think you can go wrong with modifying it.  There are many ways to make a wooded 6 pack holder.

Go Big!

You could take it a step farther and make a 12 pack holder!  that reminds me of a cool device I saw.  It’s a single opener designed to open a whole 12 pack at once.  That’s right, all 12 bottles open at the same time.  I’m getting excited just thinking about sounds of 12 bottles opening simultaneously.  It’s got to be amazing,  HOLD EVERYTHING!

See a whole case opener video here! 

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