Tongue & Groove Plane by Lie-Nielsen

After deciding to build the Dutch tool chest and the thought of making it with only traditional hand tools led me to buying this plane.  Old school design with new school quality. Lie-Nielsen has done a wonderful job of recreating this tongue and groove plane. They’ve put their quality touch on it and the 1 piece blade design is something i’m happy to see.

Based on the Stanley No. 48 and 49, our Tongue and Groove Planes are more heavily built for sound performance with a very thick blade. Also, rather than having two separate blades, ours is a single forked blade that registers on the milled body casting to ensure squareness and equal depth of cut on both sides. Since this is a heavy stock removal tool, no fine depth adjuster is needed. The blade is 3/16″ thick O1 steel. The fence is attached to the base with a center pivot screw and can be rotated and locked in tongue-cutting or groove-cutting positions.
The No. 48 centers on ¾” stock, leaving a ¼” wide tongue and .3125″ deep grooves. On narrower or wider boards, the tongue will be offset from center, but still hidden within the joint. 2.90 lbs.
The No. 49, a companion Tongue and Groove Plane, is made to center on ½” stock. It will cut a .166″ wide tongue and .230″ deep grooves. 2.35 lbs.

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