Planning A Trip To Espana

Ah, Beautiful Espana with Wines and Tapas or Pintxos (pinchos) if your in the Basque Country, and don’t forget the Bulls.

Nicole and I have been talking about visiting the Iberian peninsula for at least the past 3 years, however we just never committed.  It was just to easy to keep the status-quo vacation themes running which consisted or OBX (North Carolina’s Outer Banks), Florida, Disney, NYC, Vegas etc.  All of which we really do enjoy and love but it was time for something different.

If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home. – James Michener

I’m very happy to say that changed at 8:31 pm on August 31, 2016, the trip date was June 15, 2017 and returning July 1st. This would give us plenty of time to save money and plan.


That’s the night we committed, the night we decided to plan this 20 years anniversary trip with our 2 girls, Cameron and Chloe along with our great friends the LaToshs’ and their daughter.  We’d been chatting with them as well about this trip for the last 4 or so months.  We Did’t book anything except the airfare that evening, the rest we would be planned out over charcuterie, Spanish wines  and several months.  Perfect way to plan a trip.

We booked the flight via and would be flying out of Philadelphia International and landing in Madrid, Spain. The return flight would have a brief layover at London’s Heathrow International Airport and then continuing back to Philadelphia International. We’d leave Thursday 6:30 pm and arrive in Madrid 8:00 am and have the whole day Friday to settle in.

This would give us just over 2 weeks for traveling all over northern Spain and plenty of beach time on the Mediterranean.

Little did we know what the future of this trip to Espana would hold for us, a love of a country over the pond.  Experiences that our children and us will never forget.

Over the last year I’ve read about 6 novels that have taken place in Spain and the greater region. Ernest Hemingway and James Michener have built in my mind what I expect to find, the sights, the smells of the coast, the dry desert like mountains and of course a taste of the foods.

I wonder how much of it will hold true?

Our trip will be ending about a week before the bulls run in Pamplona.

So that’s it, we’ve comitted and this trip to Espana is going to happen 🙂

More to come.



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