The Twisted Hops Blog, It’s Has To Start Somewhere

Mark TwainFinally, a place for me to post all of my beer ramblings, pictures and homebrew recipes, The Twisted Hops Blog.  I have been starting then stopping, starting again only to stop again.  In other words, I have been creating a blog on and off for several years now that was not active. That’s all about to change.

While at a party one evening in 2009 I mentioned the idea of starting a craft beer blog to post some pictures, reviews and my homebrew escapades etc.  The idea was greatly received so I decided it was time to get this rolling.  What you are witnessing is the humble beginning of what is to become a collection of projects, viewpoints and most of all good information that someone other than me will find useful.  You may not agree with everything here, please understand that we are all different with unique personalities.  If you can take with you 1 or 2 good idea’s, get a good laugh or good recipe that’s great. Just like school, I suggest you take all of the information in while you are there.  Once completed, then dis-guard with anything you don’t find useful later in life. So raise a pint with my my friends as we begin the journey!

A Rare Opportunity Awaits You My Friend

See inside my mind, witness amazing things like…

  • Craft Beer Reviews
  • Life Philosophies
  • Homebrew Escapades
  • Insanely Great Recipes
  • How To Articles
  • Photographs
  • Adventures and Misadventures

Look around , enjoy your stay and have a great day!


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